We imagine a Monday on Mars to be a day filled with excitement, exploration, and curiosity. It's a bit of a twist on everyone's most dreaded day of the week. 

Hello from the crew here at Monday on Mars!  

We're a team of star gazers, creatives, and small businesses lovers. We're also not astronauts... We're astro-nots... But hey, we can dream right? 

Our mission control is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada where we also run our sister companies, Friday Sock Co., Little May Papery, as well as Weekday Candles.



Monday on Mars (M.O.M.) is an embroidery-focused minimalistic apparel line. We do two main things. We make multiple designs for any one theme so our customers can find what best represents their personality, and we also create multiple designs so individuals can interchange their chosen theme through different types of apparel; think astronaut shirt, and rocket ship socks. 

Our customers are invited to explore these themes with us, to be curious about different embroidery designs, and be part of the process of creating items they’re excited about wearing.



We love everything that goes into embroidery. It really works well with our sister company Friday Sock Co. as we're already designing knitting patterns on the daily. Embroidery isn't the exact same process, but we'd call it a cousin of knitting (if that makes sense). We also really love the simplicity and minimalism of an embroidery design. We're not saying we'll never get into other types of apparel decoration, cause we're all about exploration, but we were really excited to start with embroidery and make it the key feature of Monday on Mars. 



Yes. Our manufacturer is WRAP certified and uses OEKO-TEX® cotton for all of our shirts. They are also a member of the Fashion Revolution made popular by the #whomademyclothes campaign. Our sock supplier is also ethically made, and we've been able to visit these factories multiple times over the years. As the Monday on Mars concept grows, we're going to be partnering with a factory to make our own line of blank clothing that will be embroidered here in Calgary. Currently our shirts are made in Central America, and our socks are made in Italy. 

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